GASP Motor Project

The GASP Motor Project provides daytime and after school sessions in basic motor mechanics and practical engineering skills for young people aged between 14 and 19 years who are disaffected, disadvantaged and under-achieving, and those with special educational needs. We also provide sessions for young people who are homeless and unemployed. 

The sessions provide an alternative learning facility for at risk and marginalised young people, the Surrey Youth Support Service, Special Educational Needs Schools (SENs) and other organisations that cater for those with special educational needs or young people for whom schooling is no longer appropriate or who are at risk of homelessness.  

We provide a safe and supervised professional environment with sessions run by qualified mechanics and programmes designed to meet the needs of young people. They work in small groups, learn the benefits of teamwork and improved skill sets and this all helps in tackling anti-social and offending behaviours.  

This accredited learning facility helps these young people achieve and contribute more than anyone thought possible and it can also help them on their journey from NEET to PETE. 

These sessions can also be delivered to your door; depending on your facilities we can provide a mobile facility that mirrors the session provision at our workshop.  

We discuss your requirements and design the GASP Motor Project sessions to meet the needs of the young people (male and female) with whom you work. We work towards the outcomes that you identify and discuss with the GASP Workshop Manager.  

Your own support workers will need to accompany your students, to manage social and behavioural issues. Our instructors will provide an environment that builds the ability to resist peer pressure, opportunities to work towards a nationally recognised accreditation (AQA and Laser), skills that improve young people’s confidence and self esteem, and a possible route to access further education, training and employment.

Benefits of GASP Motor Project Daytime/After School Session 

• Directed by the needs of the young people
• Provides skills and confidence to make a positive contribution
• Builds concentration and self-esteem, widens their knowledge base 
• Empowers young people to take positive action
• Maximises the potential of those most ‘at-risk’
• Plays a part in the 14-19 education strategy for young people
• Develops their positive image and self reliancee
• Prepares vulnerable young people for the world of work

Practical details
Each session runs for a minimum of three hours, on a weekday and takes place at the GASP purpose-built workshop in Albury or delivered from the GASP mobile unit. Please call us to discuss the mobile sessions as the availability of this service is dependent on your facilities. 

There is a minimum cost per session of £275. This may be negotiable depending on the number of people and sessions required. 

Further information
If you would like more information please contact: or
Telephone: 07342 185124


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