GASP Motor Project

Our GASP key aims  

• To help young people change behaviours and support them in making a successful transition to adult life    

• To support young people to progress through education, employment and training

• To prepare young people in a practical way for the world of work

• To enable young people to experience the value of teamwork, focussing on personal, social and emotional development    

GASP is widely recognised in Surrey as a provider of non-judgmental, caring and practical support.  We deliver accredited AQA and Laser courses in basic motor mechanics and practical engineering skills, and contribute to students' positive personal development. We do it by providing a hands-on, specialist and personalised alternative learning environment within a focused and disciplined framework.  Where appropriate, we also help to facilitate students' onward progression into education, training and employment. 

As a niche provider for young people requiring specific behavioural and/or technical development, GASP delivers a vital learning and development experience to client groups.  Our track record has demonstrated an ability to provide alternative learning to a wide range of young people and to open up new and life-changing possibilities for them.

Client organisations have also acknowledged that, for some individuals, GASP helps to change attitudes and reduces re-offending and antisocial behaviour. 

“GASP is outstanding – it stands head and shoulders above the rest in the way this charity is always looking at ways to improve, to make the programmes better and to develop new partnerships and new opportunities.”   
David McNulty, CEO, Surrey County Council

“This project gives us new practical skills – GASP is different from school because it’s all hands-on. I have gained confidence and self-respect – it’s not like they are telling us what to do, they are helping us.”
Young person who completed 10 sessions at GASP and had previously attended other ISSP programmes

"GASP staff showed great understanding and empathy and were very encouraging to our students. They communicated easily and effectively and were patient without appearing condescending, and never overly compensated for any shortcomings they may have detected. They operated with a lovely balance between guiding the students and yet allowing them to work through the project, even if it meant making mistakes or working at a slower pace."
The Abbey Special School, Farnham

"I am writing to share with you the positive impact that GASP has had on two of our more challenging students. There has been a dramatic effect on their behaviour. Both are from travelling families and there were concerns that the boys would be removed from education, prior to their 10-week course at GASP. However this is no longer the case. Prior to them starting they were the most difficult boys in their year group."
Head of Year 9, Glebelands School, Cranleigh

“I witness a clear pattern of development for young people that go through the GASP project.  Within a number of weeks, their insecurities are visibly reducing and individuals begin to demonstrate increased confidence, motivation and self-assurance.  On a professional level I am able to recognise and gauge an individual’s ability and access their progress across other elements of their court orders.”  
Youth Justice Officer, Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Team

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