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What we do

GASP is widely recognised in Surrey as a provider of non-judgmental, caring and practical support. We deliver accredited courses in basic motor mechanics and practical engineering skills and contribute to students’ positive personal development. We do this by providing specialist, practical, hands-on learning within a focused, personalised and disciplined framework. This is either at our fully equipped custom-built workshop in Albury (near Guildford) or through our mobile unit, which enables us to bring the courses out to schools and
youth organisations across Surrey.

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“[The GASP course] has helped students to make connections with subjects they are studying – science, DT – and they have benefited from working as part of a team. “We would definitely choose GASP again – it has been a very positive experience for the students who have attended, and they have benefited from some excellent teaching.”
Kings College Guildford
January 2024
“The GASP project provides much more than just tangible, practical mechanical skills, the pupils are able to forge positive, trusting relationships with adults outside their classroom environment which is a valuable life skill. The GASP project is valued by our pupils – they look forward to their sessions and talk about their experiences with pride and enthusiasm.”
january 2024
“Students engage in practical skills and learning. The course benefits them in giving them confidence. Some students come into school just to do the GASP course.”
Leatherhead Youth Project
July 2023
“All the children that have attended have stated they have enjoyed their time at GASP and have all achieved something positive whether it be learning new skills or improving their engagement in school.”
Senior Pastoral Worker, NESSSS
july 2023
“The [GASP] staff are brilliant and so knowledgeable and really empower and enable our learners.”
Gosden House
december 2023
"Having spent 5 years with GASP - initially at the evening sessions as a student, and then later as an adult volunteer - has inspired me to pursue a career in Motorsport Engineering."
evening student/volunteer 2023


To help young people change behaviours and support them in making a successful transition to adult life


To support young people to progress through education, employment and training


To prepare young people in a practical way for the world of work


To enable young people to experience the value of teamwork, focussing on personal, social and emotional development